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T-Mobile Announces 42Mbps Network, Rocket 3.0 USB Stick

by Noah Kravitz | March 22, 2011March 22, 2011 2:49 am PST

T-Mobile USA today announced upgrades to their HSPA+ data network that will enable 42 Mbps “theoretical download speeds” in Las Vegas, New York and Orlando, followed by other markets for a total of 25 cities serving 140 million Americans by mid-year. This amounts to a doubling of TMo’s current 21 Mbps top speed – in hypothetical terms, of course.

The faster network will first be accessible via the Rocket 3.0 USB modem, available “later this Spring.” T-Mo also announced a trio of 21 Mbps data products:

  • Jet 2.0 is a USB modem available March 23 for free after rebate on qualifying contracts
  • Rocket 4G is a USB modem for prepaid customers coming later this Spring
  • 4G Mobile Hotspot is a MiFi-style portable hotspot made by ZTE, also coming later this Spring

While few, if any, will see the full 42 Mbps that will soon be hypothetically available in select T-Mobile markets, today’s announcement does give TMo 4G bragging rights. The carrier also has a pretty good track record with pushing actual HSPA+ speeds in its fastest markets. We’ll get our hands on a 42 Mbps device and get to one of the newly upgraded markets just as soon as we’re able to. In the meantime, I wonder what Carly’s going to have to say about all of this – especially¬†in light of the big AT&T-Mobile news?

For more on T-Mo’s network announcements, check out the T-Mobile Newsroom.

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