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AT&T Drops the Original 3G iPad Price $200

by Emily Price | March 18, 2011March 18, 2011 4:44 pm PST

AT&T has slashed the price of the original 3G iPad, now offering it for $200 less than you would have paid for it just a month ago. If you don’t absolutely have to have the newest version of the tablet, you can now pick up a 16GB iPad 3G for $429, a 32GB for $529, or a 64GB for $629. AT&T and Apple Stores originally knocked $100 off the price of the original iPad.

The iPad 2 went on sale last Friday, and is sold out at many retail locations. iPads purchased on Apple’s website currently are not shipping to customers for well over a month.

What do you think about the new pricing? Would you consider purchasing an original 3G iPad for $200 off, or do you think the iPad 2 worth the extra cash?

[via The Loop]

Emily Price

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