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Android Browser 52% Faster Than The iPhone In Speed Tests

by Emily Price | March 17, 2011March 17, 2011 7:22 am PST

Is Android faster than the iPhone at loading web pages? According to a field test performed by Blaze Software…it is.

According to the Blaze study, the Google Nexus S (running Android 2.3 and Chrome) consistently beat out the iPhone 4 (running iOS 4.3 and Safari) in speed tests.

Blaze did a total of 45,000 load tests using the phones, visiting Fortune 1,000 sites (175 optimized for mobile). The median load time for sites on the Nexus S was 2.144 seconds, compared to 3.254 seconds on the iPhone 4. Tests were done over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections, and nothing else was running on either phone at the time of the comparison.

Most of the testing was done over a high-speed router attached to DSL. 3G tests showed slower load times, but only by about half a second in most cases, with Wi-Fi being a faster connection 82% of the time. Blaze develops software to accelerate web site speeds, and have no affiliation with Apple or Google.

What do you think about the results of the study? Would a second of load time make you choose an Android handset over an iPhone?

Emily Price

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