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MLB Streaming Some Spring Training Games On Facebook

, however, only in a small window within the news feed on the page, rather than full-screen.

Clicking on the video takes you off of Facebook, allowing you to sign up for a free MLB account to watch that game full-screen. MLB will also try to entice you to drop $120 on it’s season-long digital video package, so you can experience the same magic all year long.

The whole thing is a pretty interesting experiment in marketing. There’s a chance that people who like the MLB on Facebook may not realize they can stream games online, or how those games might look when they do. Giving baseball fans a taste of how great that experience can be, might entice some to sign up for the service when the regular season hits.

MLB has no plans to offer access to the games for subscribers through Facebook, but may continue the promotion throughout the season—offering one game per day as a free stream on the social networking site. In an interview with All Thing’s Digital, Bob Bowman, CEO of said: “What we’re trying to do is figure out who these fans are, whether they like it, and whether they share it.”

What do you think about the MLB offering games on Facebook? If you enjoyed watching a game streamed on Facebook, would you be more likely to purchase the season pass to watch them all elsewhere?

Emily Price

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