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TouchPad Coming in June for $499?

by Sean P. Aune | March 15, 2011March 15, 2011 3:10 pm PST

According to a sales sheet from a major retailer leaked to PreCentral, it looks like the HP TouchPad is releasing in June, and at $499.  In other words, it seems that the iPad 2 may finally get a contender when it comes to pricing.

One of the biggest reasons for Apple’s astronomical lead in the tablet market hasn’t just been because they got theirs to market so much earlier than everyone else, but that no one seemed to be able to contend with them on the $499 pricing.  Despite the fact the iPad 2, and the iPad before it, could range to as high as $829, the $499 price point came to be considered the magical barrier everyone had to match to compete with them, but yet no one seemed to be able to do it.

In the document leaked to PreCentral, the 10-inch TouchPad is listed as $499 to $599 depending on size.  The sheet also hints at a 7-inch version in Sept. which would fit in with the rumors of webOS coming to many different devices.

TouchPad Pricing

Overall, the whole list is intriguing and it lists a lot of tablets in that price range, all with different operating systems. It definitely looks like Apple may be in for some competition at long last, but is it going to matter with the lead the iPad brand already has over the competition?

What do you think?  Are you more intrigued by the TouchPad now?

[via PreCentral]

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