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GTA IV Enters a World Without Science (Video)

by Joey Davidson | March 15, 2011March 15, 2011 4:30 pm PST

“I wonder what will happen if I turn the car friction to -9…”

Remove two portions of reality from Grand Theft Auto IV, add Yakety Sax and press record. The video above is about a month old, according to the upload date on YouTube. That doesn’t make the absurdity any less incredible. The clip has broken into the top of the gaming section of Reddit, so there’s always that.

YouTube user theninjacowboy includes instructions for running Rockstar’s incredible sandbox tale in this fashion.

As requested, here is the file you need to replace in the GTAIV/common/data folder to get this to work. Simply remove the “4” after download:

Be sure to backup the original should you want to go back to running errands for minorities.

Running with maxed out settings on:
i7 950
GTX 470
6 gigs ram
Staples mouse pad

Modding games for your own amusement has always ranked as one of the best ways to kill time and revitalize an old title. Simple console tweaks used to turn Counter-Strike rounds from that same ol’ shooter into one of the most epic games of gravity-less death match ever conceived. Shenanigans like that, and the one above, are just one of the many benefits to gaming on a PC instead of a console.

If you can afford it, of course.

What’s your favorite mod or tweak?

[via Reddit]

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