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BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Car Shows Up in Spy Video

by Noah Kravitz | March 12, 2011March 12, 2011 5:00 pm PDT

The Ultimate Driving Hybrid? BMW officially launched their “i” sub-brand of greener Bimmers at the Geneva Auto Show a few weeks ago. Today we’ve got some spy photos and videos of the flagship i8 doing its thing in the snow under partial camouflage.

Originally introduced as a diesel/electric hybrid, reports now have the i8 shipping with a gas/electric drivetrain instead, as BMW brass sees that combination appealing to a wider audience. Or at least to a wider portion of the slim audience who’ll be able to afford a BMW that hits 0-60 in under five seconds while sipping fuel to the tune of 62 mpg. While no sales or price target figures have been released by the car maker, expect the i8’s price tag to range well into six figures when it ships. If that’s too steep a figure for your tastes, there’s always the i3 hatchback to dream about.

More videos and photos over at Bimmerpost.

[via Engadget, source Bimmerpost]

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