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webOS Coming To All New HP PCs

by Emily Price | March 9, 2011March 9, 2011 9:30 am EST

WebOS will be included on every HP PC that ships next year. The company’s new CEO, Leo Apotheker told Businessweek that he wants to “create a massive platform,” and have all HP PCs running both Microsoft Windows and webOS by 2012.

The move may attract more developers to webOS, which currently lags behind iOS and Android with developer backing. According to Apotheker, “HP has lost its soul.” He feels that software will be a way to get part of that soul back.

HP recently announced a number of new devices that will be running webOS, including the HP TouchPad tablet, the first set of releases by the company after its acquisition of Palm.

What do you think about webOS being included on HP computers? Would the move influence your desire to buy one of the PCs or a webOS phone or tablet?

[via Businessweek]

Emily Price

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