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Mass Effect 3 Concept Art Hits the Net, is Awesome

by Joey Davidson | March 7, 2011March 7, 2011 3:49 pm EST

Concept Artist Robert Simons has posted some positively stunning concept art for Mass Effect 3 on his personal portfolio. Whether BioWare and EA approved the drop is of a different matter entirely. What fans are privy to seeing is exciting, gorgeous and speculation worthy.

We’ve chosen to include only two shots from the few tasty bits tossed up by Simons. The mining planet you see up top is stellar, and it might also indicate the return of the mining vehicle from the first Mass Effect and DLC for Mass Effect 2. While BioWare was criticized for the boring use of the craft and mechanics in the original title, Mass Effect 2 made proper use of the mining gameplay and turned it into a mini-game. The result was a nice blend of critical praise and time well spent. While it’s likely that BioWare will continue to improve the feature, the presence of the cars in art indicates that it will likely have a place in the game.

And, on the subject of what will be in the game and, possibly, what won’t be, this concept art points towards the existence and design of the Normandy 3. And, for fans, that means that the Normandy 2 might cease to be. This art could be hinting at another round of ship upgrades and crew assembly as the main driving focus of the next game.

Mass Effect fans should do themselves a solid and head to Simons’ portfolio to catch a high-res glimpse at a few more images from the collection. Keep in mind, however, that it is entirely possible that BioWare requests Simons to pull the goods before the whole world enjoys them. After all, this is not an official press release.

[via GamersBook]

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