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iPad 2 Data Plans Compared: Verizon vs. AT&T

by Emily Price | March 7, 2011March 7, 2011 8:41 am EST

For the first time on Friday, a 3G version of the iPad will be available on both Verizon and AT&T. While the original iPad was eventually made available on Verizon, it was done so by pairing the Wi-Fi version of the tablet with a MiFi – not exactly the same experience.

If you’re thinking about grabbing a 3G iPad 2 on Friday, then you have to make a decision on what carrier you want to use the tablet on. The Verizon version of the tablet will only work on Verizon’s network, and the AT&T version will only work on AT&T. What that means is if you sign up for one and want to jump ship to the other, you’re going to have to buy a whole new iPad.

Besides the traditional carrier battle as to who has the best coverage, there are also some price differences between an iPad 2 data plan on Verizon vs. one on AT&T. The carrier that’s right for you may depend on how you ultimately plan on using the tablet.

All Things Digital made a pretty fancy chart detailing the price break down between the two:

Moderate users appear to be better off selecting the postpaid 2GB data plan from AT&T and paying an additional $10 per GB for overages. Assuming 4GB of data use on both carriers, 4GB of data in a month on Verizon would cost you a whopping $80 if you were subscribed to the 1GB plan, however, would be exactly the same ($45) if you subscribed to the 3GB plan on the carrier. In contrast, if you plan on using your iPad non-stop, a 10GB plan on Verizon for $80 will save you some cash over using 10GB of data on AT&T.

Are any of you looking to buy a 3G iPad 2 Friday? What plan are you going to go with?

Emily Price

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