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Tablet Wars: iPad 2 vs The Competition (video)

Uh-oh. Somebody gave me a fancy background and a camera, and told me to talk.

And I did … on the current state of the tablet game, starting with Apple’s new iPad 2 and ranging through the competition. How does Google’s approach to Honeycomb differ from Apple’s with iOS? Why did HTC go with Android 2, and not 3, for Flyer, their first-ever tablet? LG’s T-Mobile bound G-Slate: More than just a 3D gimmick? Is it too late for HP’s TouchPad, or does webOS finally have the marketing and production muscle it needs to succeed? Will BlackBerry’s PlayBook run Android apps and make a splash outside of the enterprise? And what about Barnes & Noble’s nook Color – is it actually the sleeper hit of the tablet marketplace?

Answers to these burning questions and more! Right here on video.

Noah Kravitz

Noah Kravitz mourned the day that Star Castle was replaced in the pizza parlour he frequented as a kid. The sadness ended when he saw an older kid...