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L.A. Noire’s “The Naked City” Trailer (video)

“The Naked City” is the case players will be assigned as a bonus for pre-ordering Rockstar’s upcoming L.A. Noire from GameStop. It’s trailers like the one above that make selecting a specific retail location to purchase from such a relentless chore. The content looks positively quality.

Rockstar described the bonus in a release:

In this bonus case from L.A. Noire’s Vice Desk, detective Cole Phelps investigates the supposed suicide of a stunning fashion model. Can you help Cole unravel the truth in a city blighted by drugs, corruption and greed, where the death of a beautiful woman is never as straightforward as it seems?; The Badge Pursuit Challenge — Hidden around L.A. Noire’s beautiful recreation of 1947 Los Angeles are 20 police badges to find and collect. If you can find all 20 of these badges, the dapper Button Man suit will be unlocked which provides extra ammo for all weapons. Each badge also provides 5 additional XP which will help further unlock Intuition Points – special credits that can be used to give Phelps a key investigative insight when you need it most.

While players will need to pick and choose which retail store they’ll be pre-ordering L.A. Noire at in order to receive specific, unique content, Rockstar has confirmed that each of these pre-order bonuses will be available some time after the game launches for download as DLC. They did not, however, specify a price for each piece. One has to assume that they will only be free with a pre-order.

Fans should probably expect a surge of retail specific trailers for L.A. Noire as the game comes closer to launch. That means you’re patience and opinion should be torn to shreds before the middle of May.

If you were near a GameStop right this second, would this trailer have convinced you to pre-order L.A. Noire there?

[via Rockstar]

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