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AT&T iPhones To Get Hotspot Feature March 11

by Emily Price | March 3, 2011March 3, 2011 11:00 am PST

AT&T iPhones will be getting the wireless hotspot feature on March 11. The feature is already available for Verizon iPhone customers, and will become available mid-March for AT&T iPhone owners with the release of iOS 4.3.

The hotspot feature will allow AT&T iPhone customers to create wireless hotspots with their iPhones, allowing them to provide internet access for other devices. To use the hotspot feature on the iPhone, customers will have to pay and additional $20 a month, and have a $25/mo 2GB Data Pro plan on their handset. The tethering plans adds an additional 2GB of data to the phone’s current 2GB plan, allowing users to have 4GB of data to share between the two devices.

Verizon’s iPhone hotspot works the same way, however, it gives users unlimited data on the phone itself, and 2GB of data to be used as a hotspot.

Additional GB of data on AT&T are $10/GB, while additional GB on Verizon are $20/GB.

Do any of you plan on adding the hotspot feature to your iPhone? Anyone already using the feature on a Verizon model?

Emily Price

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