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We Dare Won’t Release in the U.S.

by Joey Davidson | March 1, 2011March 1, 2011 5:00 am PST

we-dare that’s being made for the Wii and PS3. We Dare is currently a European exclusive, and while no news was released concerning an international release, we assumed that this one would never see the light of day here in North America.

IGN has confirmed from Ubisoft that We Dare will, in fact, never be released in the U.S. They contacted Ubisoft regarding the title, and the publishers had no comment beyond “emphatically” insisting that the game would not be seen in the United States.

The YouTube videos have, since this weekend, been restricted by country. Here (for me) in the States, the videos are entirely unwatchable.

While the game won’t likely be missed by any gamers Stateside, one has to wonder exactly what this says about the moral compass in the U.S.  I’m not ever one to complain about violence in games, movies and TV. I think it’s perfectly fine, given proper parental control and when done in moderation. But exactly how preposterous is it that a game that simply suggests sexual acts won’t be released by the same publisher that has no problem releasing games where players literally shoot other players square in the face?

I don’t blame Ubisoft for this at all. They’re making the safe bet. The U.S. is a terrible marketplace for a game like this one. But it’s honestly perplexing to consider that on a scale of offensive qualities, we, as a society, are more against sexual innuendo than recreated, over-the-top violence.

Violent games have been known to sell exceptionally well in the U.S., and the world over, so why is it that publishers refuse to release games where players are asked to fake spank and kiss one another?

[via IGN]

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