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Retail Specific L.A. Noire Pre-order Goods Releasing as DLC

by Joey Davidson | March 1, 2011March 1, 2011 5:00 pm PST

copy at in order to score a specific set of in-game content.

Each store hosted a unique item. Until this announcement today, it was assumed that the only way to go about snagging every single piece of in-game content available was to pre-order and purchase L.A. Noire from every retail outlet offering a bonus deal. That would have been positively bogus.

According to Rockstar, all of that pre-order bonus content will be released for L.A. Noire after the game launches as DLC. How long after the game launches? That bit is to be determined. As will the cost of these goods. They could be free (here’s hoping), or they could run gamers some real life bucks.

The Red Dead Redemption news that accompanied this DLC confirmation, while nice, does not bode well for the eventual release of the content in L.A. Noire. The retail specific pre-order bonus items for RDR are going to release as DLC this April; yes, almost a full year after the game launched. Rockstar explains that this delay should be chalked up to technical difficulties.

We hope so. While I still find myself roaming the range and hitting the dusty trail every so often, I would have really preferred that this content was available to me at an earlier date. And if the pre-order bonuses for L.A. Noire take this long to trickle down to those that didn’t pre-order the game, I’m considering them altogether absent.

Still, Rockstar is making good where gamers are concerned. Nothing stings worse than owning a game, wanting to fully complete the game, but being stopped by an absurd sales tactic. By giving us an alternative, Rockstar deserves a nod.

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