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Saber Interactive May Not Be Developing Halo Remake for 360

by Joey Davidson | February 28, 2011February 28, 2011 3:45 pm PST

specifically for release of Xbox LIVE. The story, as it came out, was unable to be confirmed by any 100% official sources.

Now, however, 343 Industries lead Frankie O’Connor has stepped up and stated that all major iterations of Halo will stay inside Microsoft and 343 Industries. 343 Industries, for those that are unaware, is the studio that formed around the wake of Bungie’s leave. Since the studio’s inception, has only released Halo Waypoint, an interactive hub for Halo players.

In regards to the rumor that Saber Interactive is working on the supposedly upcoming Halo: CE remake project, O’Connor had this to say about the franchise:

“343 as a publishing entity and Bungie before it is always open to collaboration. We’ve done weird things in the past like we put a Spartan in Dead or Alive 3… We met with Itagaki and his team to make sure the Spartan was fighting correctly, using a style that was appropriate, was the right height and moving like a Spartan…We’ve always been open to those sort of mini-collaborations, but as far as the core game experiences are concerned we have to keep that close to home.”

While this may chase off any suspicion concerning project developers, it does not squash the notion that a remake is coming. 343 Industries has been the assumed go-to company for Halo entries since Bungie’s split, so it only makes sense that the studio would handle any remake Microsoft may have planned for this holiday.

Meanwhile, 343 Industries is working on the Defiant map pack set to release for Halo: Reach this March 15th. That’s, officially, the first piece of Halo downloadable content to be developed by any studio other than Bungie.

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