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Southwest Teams Up With iTunes

by Emily Price | February 24, 2011February 24, 2011 5:54 am PDT

Southwest Airlines has teamed up with iTunes, launching iAirtainment. The site sells music, movies, and television shows through Apple’s iTunes Store, and is accessible for free through in-flight Wi-Fi on Southwest planes. At launch Southwest is also offering a free 20-song playlist of artists “about to fly” into the music scene to those who have booked flights on the carrier.

What this means, is if you unexpectedly find yourself on a 7-hour flight next to a large chatty guy with a small dog (definitely what happened to me on my way home from CES), you can purchase a new movie for your iPhone/iPod/iPad/computer and tune him and his furry friend out for a little while.

The service is something I’ll definitely be using at least once. What do you think? Can you see yourself wanting to download music or videos on-the-fly while you’re in the air?

Emily Price

Emily has been obsessed with computers since the early 80s when she discovered she could play Ghostbusters on her father's Commodore 64. She...