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Details On The Xoom’s Free 4G Upgrade

by Emily Price | February 24, 2011February 24, 2011 9:09 am EST

has released details on how Xoom owners will score a 4G upgrade to their tablets. The Xoom shipped today with 3G data, those who purchase 3G models, however, will be able to upgrade them to 4G when it becomes available later this year.

So how is this 4G upgrade going to go down?

You can sign up on Verizon’s site to get an email when 4G is available for you and your Xoom (expected to be around 90 days from now). A leaked Verizon document acquired by DroidLife suggests that the upgrade will require you to send your Xoom in to Motorola for up to 6 days to score the upgrade, and that it will not effect your data plan. So, 4G users will be paying the same amount of $$ as 3G users.

Come the end of May, we suspect many Xoom owners are going to have grown pretty attached to their tablets. 6 days seems like a ton of time to be without it.

Did any of you pick up a Xoom this morning? How do you feel about the 6 day turn around on the 4G upgrade?

[via DroidLife]

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