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Come See the Innards of the Nintendo 3DS

by Joey Davidson | February 22, 2011February 22, 2011 5:00 am EST

A Nintendo 3DS has already been torn down, and we have a better idea of what exactly makes it tick.

Chinese site has picked up a 3DS already and torn into it, and the link comes to us through a Japanese site, Currently, the TGBus site is down, but cached versions of the pages linked above include even more shots of the 3DS and its insides than we’ve provided here. GameMemo takes each shot and delivers a quick blurb about its contents. One would assume the cached version of TGBus does the same thing, but I can’t read Chinese. So, there’s that.

The shot at the top of this post, according to the Japanese listing, is of the 3DS fully disassembled. Below this next shot, the Japanese site indicates that this broken down model may not be the final commercial product Nintendo is set to release next month. The Chinese site may have snagged a prototype or, who knows, they may have ran out into the streets and had someone make them a lookalike. That last bit is my conjecture, not the thoughts of GameMemo.

This looks like the underside of the unit. The black insert on the botom looks like the headphone jack. The large silver drive on the top is clearly the slot for game media.

In this is obviously the top side. There’s the space for the analog stick on the top left, the D-pad on the bottom left and the A/B/X/Y buttons on the top right. Again, you can see the headphone jack in the center off the bottom.

Finally, for comparison, we have three batteries used in three separate iterations of Nintendo’s handheld line. The top batter is the 3.7V unit for the DSi XL, the middle battery is the 3.6V unit for the DSi and the bottom battery is the new 3.7V unit for the 3DS.

Honestly, we’re surprised the photographer didn’t pass out due to too much exposure to magical unicorns, rainbows and sunshine that obviously powers the 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS is set to release in Japan on February 26th and in the US on March 27th.

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