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iPad 3 And Larger iPod Touch Rumors Hit From Apple

ipad3mockupRumors have begun to spring up about the iPad 3 and a larger version of the iPod Touch.

Even though we are still waiting for an announcement of the iPad 2, that isn’t stopping some from dropping supposed facts about what we can expect from the third iteration of the popular tablet computer.  According to AppleInsider, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities, a proven and trusted source to them, has said that the third iPad’s screen resolution will increase to a massive 2048×1536 while keeping the same 9.7-inch dimensions.  He also indicated the new screen would have a wider angle of view and clearer visibility under sunlight.

He says that the production support just isn’t there yet to make this a reality for the iPad 2, so the second version of the device will be getting a thinner and lighter screen that will incorporate “anti-reflective” qualities.  If true, the iPad 2 is beginning to sound more and more like the iPhone 3G of the iPad family, which means only incremental upgrades with the next successor having the big leaps in technology like the iPhone 3GS did.

In other odd news, Mr. Kuo reported that Apple is working on an iOS device that is larger than the iPod Touch, but smaller than the iPad.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs has made it pretty clear that he is not a fan of 7-inch tablets from statements he’s made, so the theory goes that this would be more along the lines of the super-sized smartphone screens we’ve been seeing in the four-inch range.  Indications are that Apple would take the iPod Touch possibly up to five-inches compared to its current 3.5-inch screen size.  This isn’t to say that the regular iPod Touch would go away, this would just be yet another entry in the iOS family of devices.

All of these are of course rumors at this point, but they also make a lot of sense.

What say you?  Will you hold out for an iPad 3?  Any interest in a five-inch iOS device?

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