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Bulletstorm’s Whip, Kick, BOOM Pre-order Trailer

by Joey Davidson | February 18, 2011February 18, 2011 6:00 am PST

This marks what’s sure to be one of the last pre-release trailers for EA, People Can Fly and Epic Games’ upcoming over-the-top shooter. Urging fans to pre-order before time runs out, this clip showcases the kills, environments and monsters waiting to be completely conquered next week.

A perfect marketing ploy by the folks behind the game, Bulletstorm has settled down as a hotly contested point for debate. held on to it as a target for video game hate a few weeks back. The writer of that story actually implied that games like Bulletstorm lead directly to rape. That’s right, rape.

Obviously a serious matter, gamers took to the net to dismantle FoxNews’ angle on Tweet, blog post, Status Update and feature article at a time. This just in: the guy is wrong. But Epic head Cliff Bleszinksi was, as usual, quick to make a joke about it on Twitter. Here’s the Tweet:

Now next week don’t any of you go on a raping spree because it’ll look kind of bad. #UTannouncervoice

While this one’s absolutely a sensitive subject, Bleszinksi’s heart was in the right place. Games like this one have no connection to one of the most horrific violent crimes causing pain today. The fans got the humor, it seems. Sifting through the piles of replies after Bleszinski’s Twitter joke only uncovered one comment that said Mr. B. was out of line. And even that person wasn’t too upset. Well, at least I wasn’t able to infer their degree of rage from less than 140 characters.

Let’s see how FoxNews handles it next week.

Bulletstorm releases next Tuesday to the masses on the 360, PS3 and PC; whether pre-ordered or not. If you can’t until then to shoot a creepy monster directly in the but, pop on your console and download the demo.

Joey Davidson

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