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Google Music Store Could Launch With Honeycomb

by Sean P. Aune | February 17, 2011February 17, 2011 12:24 pm PDT

android-musicThe long rumored Google Music Store could finally be coming with the launch of Honeycomb according to some sources.

Earlier today we reported how Motorola spoke with the press in defense of the pricing on the XOOM tablet.  During the same press session at the Mobile World Congress, Motorola mobility chief Sanjay Jha may have also let slip a tidbit of information about the Google Music initiative.

According to The Guardian, Mr. Jha said “If you look at Google Mobile services [via Android] today, there’s a video service, there’s a music service – that is, there will be a music service.”  He went on to add that  “[Honeycomb] adds video services and music services” to the operating system.

To date, Google has never confirmed the existence of a music service, or that it is even working on one, but music industry executives have been quoted in the past as saying it’s the worst kept secret in the business.  Considering the increasing acrimonious nature of the relationship between Apple and Google, it shouldn’t be a surprise to any one that the search giant would want to go after one of Apple’s crown jewels, iTunes, at some point.

If Mr. Jha is correct, we could potentially see the service launch as early as next week when the first Honeycomb devices launch.  This, however, seems unlikely due to the stage the rumors are at.  If it was truly ready to launch, we would be hearing a lot more about it, but one mis-spoken phrase by a consumer electronics manufacturer executive does not a music service make.  Yes, we will eventually see it launch, it’s only a question of when, and with Honeycomb just seems still unlikely at this point.

What say you?  Is the Google Music service inching closer to reality?

[via The Guardian]

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