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Double Fine Developing Sesame Street Game

by Joey Davidson | February 16, 2011February 16, 2011 5:00 pm EST


First, some details concerning the game itself. In Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, players will use their Kinect to “explore a living storybook” alongside Elmo and Cookie Monster. According to the release that announced the game, you’ll interact with characters and objects on screen in order to meet characters, form relationships and earn life lessons. This is, as one would have expected, a game for kids and parents. And while there will likely be tongue-in-cheek humor that typically accompanies anything from both Double Fine and Sesame Street, you can bet that older gamers won’t find themselves flocking to stores.

However, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer has already posted a video showing off the company’s fur rendering tech:

But, like I said, you should absolutely be excited for this. If you follow Double Fine at all, then you’ll likely know that their games are sometimes critically wondrous and commercially problematic. Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, the latter of the two probably cost a small fortune, sold poorly.

But a Sesame Street game? If it’s well made, which is typically the case with Double Fine titles, it stands a chance at selling like gangbusters. That will provide a nice financial charge to a company that absolutely deserves the income. And that income, here’s where you should be excited, will translate into even more ambitious projects from the company. Having that extra capital will let Double Fine take more production risks, attempt another retail launch and hire millions and millions of employees.

It’s win/win/win/Cookie Monster. You can’t defy that logic.

Joey Davidson

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