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HP Pre 3 vs. Palm Pre 2

by Sean P. Aune | February 9, 2011February 9, 2011 1:33 pm PST

After such a long wait, was the new HP Pre 3 (aka Palm Pre 3) worth it? And is it a worthy successor to the Palm Pre 2?

The HP Pre 3 was announced this morning at HP’s big webOS event, and while some of us were a bit surprised the company opted to keep the Pre name as it is associated with a failed phone, as well as really creepy ads, but keeping it they are.  Name aside, however, how does the phone stack up?  Will it blow the Pre 2 out of the water?  We’ve put together a chart for you that shows the phones side-by-side, and there are some definite improvements, as well as a few that make you wonder why they stayed the same.

The screen sounds awesome at the new resolution, and a new version of webOS was to be expected, but sticking with 512 MB of RAM after this much time?  That number just feels like it should have gone up.  Also, internal storage options stayed the same with both phones having 8GB and 16GB options, and that just seems peculiar now.  Why no 32GB version?

Overall the hardware seems improved, and the bigger screen definitely helped its looks, but we’ll have to wait until summer when it hits shelves to see if it really is a better handset.

HP Pre 3 vs Palm Pre 2 Comparison Chart

HP Pre 3 vs Palm Pre 2 Chart

Sean P. Aune

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