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Beyond Good & Evil, Torchlight Part of Xbox LIVE Event

by Joey Davidson | February 9, 2011February 9, 2011 6:00 am EST

Mark your calendars, the upcoming Xbox LIVE House Party sale will feature two fantastic re-releases set at great prices: Torchlight and Beyond Good & Evil HD. There are five games releasing in the five week span, each carries a sound price tag and a bit of critical clout.

House Party is set to be another strong outing by the folks at Microsoft and the games their bringing to the table. The full event, prices and dates:
  • February 16 – Hard Corps: Uprising, 1200 Microsoft Points
  • February 23 –  Bejeweled Blitz, 800 Microsoft Points
  • March 2 –  Beyond Good & Evil HD, 800 Microsoft Points
  • March 9 –  Torchlight, 1200 Microsoft Points
  • March 16 –  Full House Poker, 800 Microsoft Points

Torchlight is an absolute must for fans of Diablo. This previously PC only project was developed by Runic games. Two of the designers behind Torchlight also worked on Diablo II, Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer. Torchlight is all about dungeon crawling, massive loot, humor and a good story. You won’t be able to play co-op, but the singleplayer campaign is packed full of that addicting hack and slash that Diablo II gamers are used to.

Beyond Good & Evil marks an incredible era in 3D adventure gaming. The title packs a wonderful storyline, creative characters, great combat, cool mechanics, gorgeous looks and more twists and turns than one of those whacky bendy straws your seven year old self loved so much. Beyond Good & Evil HD is set to be an outstanding refresh that, hopefully, leads perfectly into more news of Beyond Good & Evil 2, a game that’s quickly becoming more a case of vaporware than reality. This is one of Ubisoft’s definitive classics, and for 800 points ($10) it’s an outstanding deal. Buy it.

This event is shaping up to be a good one. Rest assured that Bejeweled Blitz, Full House Poker and Hard Corps: Uprising are all strong games should your preferences meet their qualities.

Who’s buying what?

[via Major Nelson]

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