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High Voltage Developing The Conduit for the 3DS

by Joey Davidson | February 7, 2011February 7, 2011 7:00 am PST

According to High Voltage Software CCO Eric Nofsinger, the company is working on bringing a new Conduit over to the 3DS. While the game is not finished, and a publisher has not officially stepped up for the project, Nofsinger and High Voltage remain confident and optimistic. He spoke to Eurogamer about the progress so far, and Nosfinger indicated that game journalists may see some version of the tech by GDC later this month.

We’re still early. The resolution is definitely lower, but the screen real estate is smaller so it balances out. We’ve not had a lot of severe optimisation yet, but we’re going to be able to have something very close to this [Conduit 2] on the 3DS probably by GDC.

Nosfinger also indicated that a publisher is not yet set, but that he’s had a few nice talks with the folks at Sega concerning the project. Sega is the same publisher that brought out The Conduit and is set to bring the upcoming sequel. Nosfinger explained that they’ll likely be having even more talks with Sega about the 3DS version of The Conduit soon.

The game tech and its environments, while not entirely polished, is up and running a bit behind closed doors. Apparently, on the handheld, the game looks solid. Nosfinger explains:

We’ve got environments from this already up and running around. You can shoot, you can select different weapons and you can see enemies. It runs pretty darn well with full 3D and everything.

Finally, Nosfinger and the High Voltage staff seem to be viewing this product with the same lens that brought the original Conduit to the Wii in the first place. The company examined the types of games available on the system and then worked really hard to provide a strong third party take on a genre that’s relatively absent. The FPS genre on the 3DS is empty without The Conduit.

As Nosfinger put it, “There’s nothing like it at all. We can be a shining star on this.”

[via Eurogamer]

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