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Dead Space 2 Art Director Makes One Gamer Very Happy

by Joey Davidson | February 3, 2011February 3, 2011 3:00 pm EST

Self-proclaimed video gamer, Ashley P, was enjoying a round of Dead Space 2 when her adorable pooch knocked over her 360. The console hit the floor rendering the game within completely unplayable. Dead Space 2 was ruined.

So Ashley P did the only reasonable thing she could do; she stormed the gates of Twitter to complain. As she admits, she “bitched” about it for a bit before she decided to message someone at EA to tell them that what she had played of the game so far was incredible. That person messaged her back and asked her for her home address. She oblidged him.

The EA rep in question is the Dead Space 2 Art Director, Ian Milham. Milham actually got the team together to sign a new copy of Dead Space 2 so that he could send it Ashley’s way. He also included a sketch featuring the Dead Space lead, Isaac Clarke, scolding the dog for ruining the game.

Ashley was ecstatic when the package arrived. She posted a ‘thank you’ meant for everyone involved with the signing, drawing and shipping of the game. She apologizes somewhere for her grammar and punctuation, leave it to the internet to give this gamer’s personal blog a hard time.

Still, she’s elated and she has every right to be. For one developer to take an interest in such a story and deliver something that would make one fan so endlessly happy is incredible. Ian Milham is, officially, awesome.

No word on how mad Ashley P was at her pup. Though, after seeing the picture below, we can completely understand if all was forgiven within seconds. Cute dog.

We love stories like this, and I’ll be pushing my dog towards my consoles next time I’m gaming when she’s around. It’s bound to work twice, right?

Hats off to Ashley P, Ian Milham and the entire Dead Space 2 team. Pure class.

[via Reddit and Ashley P’s Blog]

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