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Duty Calls – Bulletstorm’s Call of Duty Parody (Video)

by Joey Davidson | February 2, 2011February 2, 2011 11:41 am PST

As Bulletstorm‘s February 22nd release date approaches, EA has ramped up their viral marketing campaign. This one, in particular, is funny enough to merit comment. Bulletstorm has called Call of Duty out in hilarious fashion. They’ve built a small game, the gameplay of which you can see above, entitled Duty Calls. Prepare yourself for a few chuckles as one of our modern classics is lampooned to pieces.

The whole thing is packed with the first person shooter tropes, jokes and standards set in place by Activision and their Call of Duty franchise. Kotaku is quick to harp on the promo for being a bit too hard on Activision’s fiscal titan. Are the jokes constant and brutal? Sure. But parody is absolutely two things: first, it’s a compliment; second, it’s built on a foundation of truth.

It’s become pure fact that Call of Duty games don’t change too much between installments. EA and Bulletstorm are having a good, well-earned laugh with the aid of one of the most popular shooters in the last decade. It’s good stuff.

With the game’s release less than three weeks away, who knows what else is in store for the viral marketing campaign. So far we’ve gone from a burger bus at E3 to a full parody game; where else can they take us?

We will have more on Bulletstorm as the release date draws near. The game is due out for the 360, PS3 and PC starting February 22, 2011.

You can actually download and play Duty Calls, the game depicted above, for free from the “official” site:

Bloody screen… so real.

[via Kotaku]

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