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PSP UMD Games Coming to the NGP?

by Joey Davidson | February 1, 2011February 1, 2011 7:00 am PST

New tech is all well and good when a company continues to support the previous tech it once championed. In order for a hardware line to evolve, however, husks of the past must be shed. That’s the fate of Sony’s UMD. The NGP will never be able to read the UMD format, something Sony once promised would revolutionize the media industry, what with their movies, games and music.

For people that completely skipped the PSP, the lack of UMD support will be a non-issue when it comes time to pick up the NGP. The graphics, control schemes and hardware potential will more than make up for a classic library these gamers have never experienced. What of the folks that have been constantly growing their UMD collection? Well, they’re out of luck.

Sony started their round of goodbyes for the UMD when they released the PSP Go. The Go was entirely digital, no drive for the mini discs that hold some of the best PSP games. There was once a rumor that old PSP titles would be revived in digital format for the Go, but that’s never come to fruition.

However, in speaking with Japanese tech site Gigazine, a Sony rep has divulged the potential for classic UMD PSP titles to see release on the NGP’s new flash card medium and as digital copies on the PlayStation Store. While the information is far from concrete, this rep did say that Sony will be making PSP classics available for the NGP in one format or another. One would assume, however, that this means current owners will need to re-buy their favorites in order to enjoy them on that fantastic new OLED screen.

As Joystiq is quick to point out, and we’re quick to agree, seeing old games tweaked to include support for those two analog sticks would be something just about any PSP fan would gladly pay for.

[via Joystiq]

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