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Black Ops Celebrates New Map Pack with Double XP Weekend

by Joey Davidson | February 1, 2011February 1, 2011 6:00 pm PDT

The trailer above showcases the content held within Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ first map pack, First Strike. The DLC comes with 5 multiplayer maps, one of which is specifically for the ever popular zombie mode. First Strike is out now and is currently only available for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft announced the timed exclusivity with all upcoming Call of Duty content during E3 2010. According to Microsoft’s Don Mattrick during that news release, “You’ll want to get all your future Call of Duty games on Xbox.”¬†As such, the PS3 and PC won’t be seeing this map pack until March 1st, a whole month after 360 gamers get their hands on the action.

However, this Double XP Weekend, praise be to the overseers of all that is Call of Duty, will apply to all platforms. Every gamer, regardless of which map set they are playing on which platform, will be able to enjoy the excellent rewards and level gaining opportunities that come from a glorious double experience weekend. Our recommendation? Roll several rounds of Domination in order to earn around 5k worth of experience between each match. This is an excellent way to work through those epic Prestige levels.

First Strike will sell for 1200 Points, or $15. The price tag has been a point of hesitation for some as they see a lot of absurdity behind dropping a quarter of the full game’s value for only 5 maps. That sort of thing suggests that the full game should have been sold for more than $100 instead of $60, get it?

That price didn’t stand in the way of the first map pack to release for Modern Warfare 2. The Stimilus Pack that launched with the $15 price shattered Xbox DLC records last summer by selling 2.5 million copies in a single week. Even at the higher price, Call of Duty players couldn’t snatch up the maps fast enough.

Are you buying?

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