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A New Kirby Announced for Wii

by Joey Davidson | January 28, 2011January 28, 2011 8:00 am PDT

Forgive the poor quality of the clip above. It was ripped from a small flash video and then placed on YouTube.

Nintendo of Japan has rather stealthily announced (careful, tons of Japanese inbound) a new Kirby for the Wii. For all of those Nintendo fans that found themselves flustured over the non-traditional look, gameplay and story of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, it seems that this game is meant for you.

The release comes with a quick blurb as well. The game is in development for the Wii, its Japanese name can be translated as either Star of Kirby or  Kirby’s Star, it’s being developed by HAL Laboratory and it features the inhaling and power-stealing mechanics fans are used to…

However, what I find particularly impressive about this brief description is this…


Loosely, that can be read as “thank you for the terribly long wait.” But it means a bit more than that. Nintendo of Japan is recognizing the fact that die-hard Kirby fans may not have found the game they wanted when Kirby’s Epic Yarn released last year. Nintendo and HAL Laboratory are making this Kirby specifically for those people.

And if the brief clip above is any indication, Kirby’s Star (as I’m going to assume it’s called) will certainly be that traditional Kirby game so many were wishing the Wii would see.

Those that did play Kirby’s Epic Yarn and enjoyed it found its mechanics and presentation to be charming. The world was made of quilt and yarn and it was constantly changing based on the player’s interactions. Sure, the story came off like that of a children’s book. But the game was undeniably happy, easygoing and fun. It’s that easygoing part, it seems, that a lot of naysayers held on to. Kirby couldn’t die. He’d get hit, fall into a pit or suffer a squishing damage and players would see jewels pour out of his body, but it was physically impossible to lose.

To those people, Nintendo has delivered a gift. We’ll have more on this title as it develops. Expect an American press release soon.


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