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Is this the PSP2?

by Joey Davidson | January 25, 2011January 25, 2011 8:00 am PST

As Sony’s mega-meeting quickly approaches, the internet is doing all it can to bust any sort of surprise the digital entertainment company has in store. While Sony has yet to indicate that this Japan-based meeting will be the unveiling of the PSP2, it’s become widely accepted around the net that this is the case.

And with two days to spare, Kotaku has received a picture of a picture on a flier of, possibly, the PSP2, its stylus and some potential mediums. Is this completely legit?

Sony has not responded to prodding from several outlets with anything more than the standard “we do not comment on rumors and speculation” line. Who can blame them? With a formal announcement potentially days away, why should they bowl over any momentum they can build? Unless they’re the ones leaking the information, which is entirely plausible.

The shot above sports a sliding unit, much like the PSP Go. Aesthetically, the picture does look like it could actually be of an official unit.

Click here to see the above image larger. Notice the top of the text that runs along the bottom. Not that this confirms a whole heap of anything, but that appears to be a copyright stamp next to the year 2011. Either this Photoshopper has gone through a lot of trouble, or this is legitimately a piece of some physical press packet destined to be handed out on Thursday. That certainly adds some credence to the notion that Sony is leaking the material themselves, though we know for sure they’d never own up to it.

The PSP2 has been rumored to be dropping UMD support, the software mediums above prove that notion. The touch screen interface has also been heard of, thus the stylus. One does have to worry, however, about the location of the two thumbsticks here. Many users have complained about a similar positioning of the single thumbstick on the Go.

We’ll have official word on this meeting, and potentially prove or disprove the shot above, this Thursday. Until then, let the speculation commence.

[via Kotaku]

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