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Ugly But Deadly? Nike Zoom Kobe VI

by Noah Kravitz | January 19, 2011January 19, 2011 8:00 am EST

Ugly but deadly?

I’m kind of a sneakerhead. You could call me a junior sneakerhead, as I’m prone to hours-long fits of obsessing over kicks, but only have nine or ten pairs in my closet right now and not the dozens upon dozens of minty fresh limited edition colorways that mark the true sneakerhead. Still, I like me some cool shoes.

Maybe I’m an old-school sort of guy, but I’m just not into Nike’s latest flagship basketball mode, the Zoom Kobe VI. I like some of the current Nike hoops shoes and I’m a huge fan of Nike’s running shoe styles – AirMax 24/7, I’m lookin’ your way – but I just can’t get behind the weird pebble texture on the uppers of the new Kobes.

But maybe I’m crazy. These things do represent the pinnacle of sneaker technology right now, what with their Flywire here and super light there. So what say you? Nike Zoom Kobe VI: Ugly but deadly or just plain deadly?

Noah Kravitz

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