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HP Files For “Touchpad” Trademark

by Sean P. Aune | January 19, 2011January 19, 2011 11:45 am PDT

It would seem that HP is working on something called the “Touchpad”, but what is it, and will we be seeing it soon?

We all know that HP is working on multiple devices based off of Palm’s webOS, and we even thought we got a glimpse of them yesterday.  Later on they hinted there was even more to come, but we have no clue what exactly it could be.  Well, the folks over Pocketnow may have found a hint while looking through recently filed trademark claims.

HP has filed for “HP Touchpad”, and there is absolutely no hint as to what it might be.  The “pad” makes us believe it’s probably a tablet, but what will it be running?  We know the webOS tablets are getting names like “Opal” and “Topaz”, so it seems unlikely this is part of that line.   The Windows-based devices are being called “Slates” by HP, so again “Touchpad” doesn’t fit.  Pocketnow’s speculation, and we have to agree with them, is that this may be an Android-based device.  Perhaps running Honeycomb?

If this is indeed what it is, HP would definitely be covering all of its bases, but couldn’t that also lead to some backlash from consumers?  “You don’t have faith in your own system, so you’re just releasing everything under the sun?”  Not sure if anyone would actually get to that conclusion, but it sure makes me wonder a bit.

Of course, just because a company files for a trademark doesn’t mean they have to use it immediately.  HP may have just simply taken this step to safeguard the name for a bit while they work on something.  All we know is that the filing does exist, but we haven’t a clue what the real use for it might be.

What say you?  What do you think the HP Touchpad is?

[via Pocketnow]

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