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Motorola Xoom Hands-on Video

by Noah Kravitz | January 18, 2011January 18, 2011 12:15 pm PDT

James Kendrick, the artist formerly known as JK on the Run who now writes a blog for ZDnet, got some hands-on time with the Motorola Xoom – and even managed to shoot a minute’s worth of video of the thing – at a Verizon LTE luncheon. Xoom was my pick for Best in Show at CES a few weeks back, what with its speedy performance and, “This is Android? But it actually looks cool!” Android 3.0 UI made specifically for tablets.

JK (@jkendrick) is pretty geeked about Xoom, as am I. Check out the video for yourself; I’m hearing rumors Google is trying to get this thing in stores right around Valentine’s Day, but we’ll see if that holds up.

Noah Kravitz

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