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Kinect Bundles Outsold Move Bundles By 5:1

by Sean P. Aune | January 16, 2011January 16, 2011 10:00 am PST

While consumers may argue the merits of the Kinect and Move controllers for the Xbox 360 and PlaySation 3 respectively, the sales numbers make it fairly clear that consumers picked their winner for this past Christmas season.

According to Industry Gamers, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter broke down how sales of the two motion controllers performed over the holiday season:

About one fifth of PS3 sales included bundles with Sony’s Move controller, suggesting a modest third month (we have chosen not to subscribe to peripheral data). About half of Xbox 360 sales included bundles with Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral, as Xbox 360 Kinect console bundles outsold PS3 Move console bundles by 5:1.

Microsoft announced that it has shipped 8 million Kinect units since launch (in November), which was raised from its earlier goal of 5 million. More significantly, in our view, the top two selling Kinect software titles outsold the top two Move titles by over 13:1.

I’ve personally never been a big fan of these types of reports that don’t give you hard numbers because you can say something sold out another item by a ratio of 13 to 1 when one sold 13, and the other sold one.  While I don’t suspect that to have been the case with these devices, it just would be nice to know the hard numbers.

The long term will tell us a lot more how this shakes out, but I do think it’s interesting the sale numbers were so radically apart.  One of my big concerns about the Move was how much it looked like the Wii.  No matter what the actual control differences are, it physically shares too many similarities to be ignored.  If a child asked their parents for a Move, and the folks looked at it and went, “oh, they have that!”, they could move on to the Kinect and know it’s different.

In the first major battle for these two controllers, it looks like Microsoft won handedly, but I wouldn’t count Sony out just quite yet.

What say you?  Did you make a choice of motion controller yet?

[via Industry Gamers]

Sean P. Aune

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