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Rumor: Sony To Unveil PSP 2 In Tokyo On Jan. 27th

by Sean P. Aune | January 13, 2011January 13, 2011 11:02 am PDT

Sony has sent out an invitation to the media in Japan for an event on Jan. 27th that is labeled to be a “business overview and strategy meeting”.  However, some sites such as VG247 are claiming that is actually going to include the launch of the PlayStation Portable 2.

Also known as the PSP 2, the PlayStation Portable 2 has been rumored for what seems like ages now, and while Sony is not commenting on the exact content of this meeting, multiple sources are saying that it will be discussed at the event.  There is also the fact that apparently the guest list for the event is being limited to very select members of the media suggest that something major is going to be introduced.

The last update to the PSP line was in Oct. 2009 with the introduction of the PSP Go (pictured to right).  Since that time the PSP 2 has been rumored, but with no hard evidence as to when we might finally see it launched.

One other possibility is that it may be the announcement of the PSP Phone.  Images have been floating around since last Oct., and each progressive image that has come out since shows it looking more and more like a production model.

As CNET points out, Sony has to do something to help the failing PSP brand.  The last month hardware sales were reported was back in Aug., and at that time the PSP sold only 79,400 units, a 50 percent drop from the same time period a year before.  Not helping matters, mega-gaming retailer GameStop listed sales of the PSP as one of its only disappointments for sales in 2010.  In short, the PSP needs some new life breathed into it.

Of course, the Jan. 27th meeting could bring no announcements, but the evidence seems to point to something being announced at that time.

What say you?  Are you ready for the PSP 2 or PSP Phone?

[via VG247]

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