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Skype Hits New Record Of Simultaneous Users Online

by Sean P. Aune | January 11, 2011January 11, 2011 10:18 am PST

When most companies have a major outage, people consider leaving the service, swearing they’ll never use it again. When Skype suffered a major day long outage last month, people wondered how customers would react. Skype is a free service afterall, but more and more people have come to rely on it for their primary communication with friends and family around the world that you wouldn’t be surprised if people swore it off.

Well, it would appear that not only did people not swear it off, but they’ve embraced it in even bigger numbers.

According to Disruptive Telphony, Skype had hit a record of 25 million simultaneous users back in Dec.  When the crash happened everyone wondered when we would see those types of numbers again, but they started flirting with it a few days ago.  Yesterday they came close, and today they skipped right over a record of 26 million to hit a whopping 27 million.

With all of the new technologies the company announced at CES, Skype is set to be showing up in a ton more devices and locations, meaning its usage numbers could soar even higher in the very near future.  Just how Skype can go is anyone’s guess, but it looks like the company is set for a very bright future.  Add in the purchase of Qik, and the ceiling really does seem to be the limit for this company.

[via Disruptive Telphony]

Sean P. Aune

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