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CES 2011: Is Motorola the New King of Android?

Razr 2

We are only one day into CES and thus far Motorola has made the biggest splash.  Before we discuss what they’ve  done this week, think back to where  they were a few years ago, kicking out every dull variety of an aging Razr platform they could think of.   Now, in an era where consumers are demanding more and more from their mobiles, the once (borderline) defunct manufacturer has done a complete 180 and is wrestling with HTC for the coveted ‘King of Android Crown.’  If you were unsure Moto had the chops, look no further than what we we’ve seen at CES.  The new At&T 4G LTE capable Atrix stole the AT&T keynote away from the likes of

Motorola Atrix

Samsung and HTC.  Its dual core (1Ghz each) processor, 4″ display, and 1930 mAh battery have it poised to be one the biggest smartphone hits of 2011.

The Atrix on its own would have been big news, but Motorola (at least thus far) has brought two guns to this fight, the second of which, may pack the biggest punch; The Xoom. Whether or not you hate Apple or its iPad, they definitely started a tablet craze, one Google and Android look poised to dominate.  The Xoom, rocking a 10.1″ display, Android 3.0 Honeycomb,powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 platform coupled with Verizon’s 4G LTE network has the Zoom ready to rock with the big boys.

The Atrix, its CDMA cousin the Droid Bionic, and a slew of other killer devices have Motorola poised to dominate the Android game for the year ahead.   The big question comes down to your wallet.  When presented with a varied Android choice, will you pick Motorola?

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