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CES 2011: Samsung Puts Its TVs On A Diet

by Jon Rettinger | January 5, 2011January 5, 2011 3:10 pm PST

Samsung enjoyed a stellar year in 2010 with its television sets, and judging by what was shown today the company is set to have a fantastic 2011 to follow-up.

The leading product category for the company will be its TVs with the built in App Store which has enjoyed over 1.5 million downloads since its introduction last year.

Focusing on design, Samsung this year is introducing TVs with a smaller bezel that will measure a mere .two-tenths of an inch, or in English … really darned thin.  Thanks to this technology their screens will increase by one inch without increasing physical size, so the new sets will measure 43, 51, 59 and 64-inches.

1foot Connection is a new technology that will allow you to bring devices within one-foot of another and automatically recognize one another for easier connection.  From then on, anytime a device comes within range of your home network it will automatically be recognized without having to enter any identifications.

How about a new LCD remote that will allow you to watch a second video channel while the TV is on another?  Let your spouse watch what they want while you check out your favorite show or event on the remote itself.

The company is also proudly announcing the world’s thinnest Blu-ray player with a scorching three-second boot time.  Considering how long we’ve seen some of these players to spin up, this is lightning fast. The model number is to be determined.

Jon Rettinger

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