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Google Chrome Ends The Year On A High Note

The Dec. 2010 report for browser market share is out, and once again Google Chrome blew the doors off of everyone else, while Internet Explorer hit yet another new low for the year.

Lets take a look at the chart so far for this year according to the measurements of NetMarketshare.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Jan 2010 5.22% 24.43% 62.12% 2.38% 4.53%
Feb 2010 5.61% 24.23% 61.58% 2.35% 4.45%
March 2010 6.13% 24.52% 60.65% 2.37% 4.65%
April 2010 6.73% 24.59% 59.95% 2.30% 4.72%
May 2010 7.05% 24.35% 59.69% 2.43% 4.77%
June 2010 7.24% 23.81% 60.32% 2.27% 4.85%
July 2010 7.16% 22.91% 60.74% 2.45% 5.09%
August 2010 7.52% 22.93% 60.40% 2.37% 5.16%
September 2010 7.98% 22.96% 59.65% 2.39% 5.27%
October 2010 8.47% 22.82% 59.26% 2.28% 5.33%
November 2010 9.26% 22.76% 58.44% 2.20% 5.55%
December 2010 9.98% 22.81% 57.08% 2.23% 5.89%

Last month we predicted that Chrome would grow by half a percent to end the year around 9.75 percent, bringing its total growth for 2010 to about 4.5 percent.  Well, we’re willing to admit when we’re wrong since it grew by .72 percent and finished just under ten percent and a leap of 4.76 percent in total.  Congrats to the Google team.


Apple’s Safari was the only other browser to end the year on a high note as opposed to a low for the year clocking in with a 1.46 percent growth for the year.  Not exactly setting the world on fire, but still a very respectable showing for 2010.

On the flip side of things, however, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer took yet another hit to fall to its lowest levels for the year, falling a massive 1.36 percent.  That brings its total slide for the year to 5.04 percent.  I guess we know where Chrome has been picking up its users from.  It still retains the crown as the top browser by a wide margin, but Microsoft had better start taking a harder look at what’s going wrong as the decline seems to only be picking up speed.

Mozilla’s Firefox also slipped further this month and hit a new low for the year.  The total slip for 2010 clocked in at 1.62 percent, and while it’s still holding on to the number two spot, it might want to start looking over its shoulder at Chrome in the distance.

Opera ended up with a loss of .15 percent for the year, but it was up slightly from its low point of 2010.

Obviously 2010 was the year of Chrome, and with its building momentum it’ll be interesting to see where it goes in 2011.

What say you?  Did you change your primary browser in 2010?

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...