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Another iPhone 4 Deal From Radio Shack

by Tom Moccia | December 30, 2010December 30, 2010 10:00 am PDT

For years, deals on iPhones were nowhere to be found, price fixing at it’s finest, but this month there have been a plethora of deals to be had. We reported on the Sam’s Club iPhone deals, the free 3GS deal at Best Buy and the previous Radio Shack deal on iPhones. It seemed like Radio Shack sold out of phones before anyone could get the story published. Each of these promotions were for a limited time only so you had to move fast.

radio-shack-iphone-4Well, if you didn’t get that shiny new iPhone stuffed in your stocking as you had hoped, you can still score a deal on an iPhone thanks to the Radio Shack family.  Today through Dec. 31st, you can chop $50 off the normal iPhone prices. That means you can score an iPhone 4, 16GB, for $149 or the 32GB model for $249. If you want to live in the good ‘ol days, you can pick up an iPhone 3GS, 8GB for a mere $49. All prices include a two year contract commitment of course, as if there were any question.

If you remember, the other Radio Shack deal this month also implemented the Trade and Save buy back program, which is not offered during the current sale. As mentioned earlier, the last time Radio Shack had an iPhone deal they sold out in record time, so if you plan on taking advantage of this one, I would act fast.  Calling your local store ahead of time to confirm stock wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Let us know your experiences if you plan on jumping on this deal in the comments below.

Tom Moccia

Tom Moccia is a native of Stamford, Connecticut and moved his family west in 2000 and now calls Stockton, California home with his wife and two...