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HyperMac Batteries Are Back!!

by Tom Moccia | December 29, 2010December 29, 2010 10:00 am PDT

Back in Oct. we reported how Apple was putting pressure on HyperMac to stop selling their ultra popular external battery pack for Mac notebooks. Sales ceased on Nov. 2nd as Apple cited patent infringements on the MagSafe connectors. Well, as I was cruising the net during some much needed down time, I noticed that the external batteries were back on the HyperMac website.

mbp-angle-390It seems that HyperMac and Apple have convened at the compromise table and worked out a deal, and I think the results will surprise you because it makes a lot of sense. The simple solution, as of right now, is that when you buy a HyperMac external battery you will no longer receive an automobile power adapter with your purchase, you will need to purchase your own through Apple. Heck, Apple should be giving HyperMac kickbacks for all the car power adapters they’ll sell after people purchase the battery.

According to HyperMac the new models will only power your notebook and not charge them, so make sure you hook it up before your machine’s battery is actually dead. In other words, if you have 60 percent battery left, and you attach the HyperMac battery, you will not see an increase in power capacity, but you will simply draw power from battery.

What made me chuckle is that 9 to 5 Mac suggested this same solution back in Oct. just about word for word. Maybe HyperMac and Apple should have given all the tech bloggers a call before ceasing to sell the external batteries and losing the holiday sales revenue. HyperMac did not disclose how the elimination of external battery sales for Apple notebooks affected their bottom line, but I do know a number of people that were looking to purchase them as gifts for the holiday season.

It will be interesting to see what the final solution is as, according to HyperMac this is a temporary solution. How do you think this will shake out?

Tom Moccia

Tom Moccia is a native of Stamford, Connecticut and moved his family west in 2000 and now calls Stockton, California home with his wife and two...