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November Once Again Shows Chrome Gaining Market Share

The November report for browser market share is out, and once again it’s a month of incredible growth for Google Chrome while Internet Explorer hits a new low for the year.

Lets take a look at the chart so far for this year according to the measurements of NetMarketshare.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Jan 2010 5.22% 24.43% 62.12% 2.38% 4.53%
Feb 2010 5.61% 24.23% 61.58% 2.35% 4.45%
March 2010 6.13% 24.52% 60.65% 2.37% 4.65%
April 2010 6.73% 24.59% 59.95% 2.30% 4.72%
May 2010 7.05% 24.35% 59.69% 2.43% 4.77%
June 2010 7.24% 23.81% 60.32% 2.27% 4.85%
July 2010 7.16% 22.91% 60.74% 2.45% 5.09%
August 2010 7.52% 22.93% 60.40% 2.37% 5.16%
September 2010 7.98% 22.96% 59.65% 2.39% 5.27%
October 2010 8.47% 22.82% 59.26% 2.28% 5.33%
November 2010 9.26% 22.76% 58.44% 2.20% 5.55%

Chrome continues its growth average of a half percent a month.  We’ve been guessing it would finish the year at 9.5 percent, but now we think it’s going to be more around 9.75 percent, which will put it around 4.5 percent growth for the year.


While everyone constantly talks about Chrome’s growth, Apple’s Safari has been quietly creeping up the ranks also with a respectable one percent so far this year.  It should wrap up the year around 5.75 percent.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer took another hit this month of .82 percent bringing its cumalitive loss for the year thus far to 3.68 percent.  It’s hard to judge where it will end up next month as this was one of its biggest declines of the year.  My guess is it will be somewhere under 58 percent of the market, making it clearly still the number one browser.

Mozilla’s Firefox continued its decline, hitting a new low for the year.  Its loss was slight, a mere .06 percent, but its still a fall to be sure.  It’ll be interesting to see where it ends the year

Opera?  Well, it declined. and although it was only .08 percent, it still brought it to its lowest level of the year.

Overall it wasn’t a month of huge moves, but it showed that those that have been on the rise are continuing to do so, and those that are falling seem to be continuing that trend with little sign of it slowing.

What say you?  What is your current favorite browser, and which do you despise?

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...