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Apple iPad 2: What to Expect

by Winston Sih | December 11, 2010December 11, 2010 7:12 pm PST

TechnoBuffalo brought you reports from DigiTimes that reports that the Chinese-language Economy Daily News has listed five new features that we can expect from the highly anticipated tablet:

  • Front facing camera for FaceTime support
  • Thinner glass
  • Retina display technology
  • 3-axis gyroscopes
  • USB connector

Among other things in the report include the following:

“The front camera seems like a no-brainer, and has already reportedly been seen in the wild.  Also, considering that the iPod Touch and computers have received FaceTime support, it seems obvious that Apple is trying to get this technology into every device it can.

Thinner glass also seems like a given as Steve Jobs’ obsession with smaller, sleeker items is no secret.  The thinner and lighter the device is, the happy he’ll be.”

Of course, these rumors are really starting to heat up and it can often be tough to differentiate fact from fiction.  In this video, Jon Rettinger will decipher what to expect and when to potentially expect it.