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Google Chrome OS: 1st Impressions

by Winston Sih | December 7, 2010December 7, 2010 9:58 pm PST

Earlier a few months ago, we introduced you to the Google Chrome OS, a full-fledged Chromium Operating System.  “The question that everyone is asking, though, is why are they even bothering?”

“Announced back in July of 2009, Google announced the Chrome OS which is a new operating system that is built entirely around the browser, and getting you on the Internet as soon as possible after you boot up.  It has been in development for nearly a year now as an open source project, and people from all over the world have been working on it, adding all sorts of little tweaks.”

Today, Google held a Chrome announcement unveiling more of what the operating system is about; the Chrome browser, and everything in between!  With users wondering if they have their head in the cloud or whether the OS should be right up with you, Jon Rettinger will be going through all those details in his first impressions.  For all that, mash the play button!

How do you feel about this announcement?  Are you impressed?  Are you underwhelmed?  Leave a comment below!