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Google TV Review Pt 2.5: Returned to Sender

Quick wrap-up here: I took the Sony Google TV box back to the store last week for a full refund.

There’s a lot of potential in Google TV, but unless you really want a Chrome browser on your TV set right now, I highly recommend waiting a few months to see how the platform develops before spending your money on any of the GTV products.

The biggest hurdle the platform has to overcome, despite the typical Google “half-baked Beta” feel of the software itself, is getting big broadcasters and studios to work with them. As it stands now, there’s not much in the way of network TV content to be accessed via Google TV. If Google can get the likes of CBS, Fox, NBC, et al to work out distribution deals that allow first-run programming on GTV boxes, then we could have something pretty cool here. But right now, $400 (or $300 for Logitech’s Blu-Ray-Less Revue) seems like money better spent on Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions than a GTV unit.

Or so says me, a former phone blogger, anyway.

Noah Kravitz

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