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Cablevision caves to FOX

by Tom Moccia | November 1, 2010November 1, 2010 6:00 pm PST

Over the last few weeks we have been reporting on the FOX blackout of Cablevision customers in the New York area. The disagreement had been going on for 14 days in which 3 million Cablevision subscribers were deprived FOX programming. The dispute arose due to FOX demanding Cablevision pay $150 million for the rights to broadcast the various networks, up from the $70 million Cablevision had paid in the past.

agreement2It got to the point where New York area viewers were missing out on the National League Champioship Series as well as games 1 & 2 of the World Series. Well fret no more, Cablevision has caved into the ransom of FOX and agree to pay the $150.  This agreement was reached Saturday afternoon just minutes before the first pitch of game 3 of the World Series between the Texas rangers and San Francisco Giants.

This leads one to wonder what kind of precedent this sets going forth. As a DirecTV customer, my family in the tri state area was unaffected but with NewsCorp, parent company of FOX, playing hardball with Cablevision I can see other networks doing the same with DirecTv. Let’s just hope this was a one time deal and I don’t have to make a habit out of writing these types of stories.

Were you affected by the FOX blackout? What did you do to alleviate your depravation of FOX programming?

Tom Moccia

Tom Moccia is a native of Stamford, Connecticut and moved his family west in 2000 and now calls Stockton, California home with his wife and two...