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Microsoft Smear Campaign vs OpenOffice

by Tom Moccia | October 26, 2010October 26, 2010 10:00 am PST

It’s no secret that in the past Microsoft has attacked Linux, and pretty much everything it stands for, primarily, the concept of open source computing. It has usually been in simple press releases and quotes from faceless Microsoft executives. Well as I was searching for a simple Linux answer on the Internet, I found a much more official attack on

Microsoft has posted a two minute and fifty second video with voice overs from apparent company leaders talking about their misfortune when using OpenOffice. The video mentioned is above and has received well over 300,000 views.  It isn’t some video buried on a sixteen-year-old’s YouTube Channel, heck it’s the official Microsoft Office YouTube Channel!!

microsoftoffice-vs-openofficeMost mainstream users have never heard of OpenOffice, they usually implement a Microsoft or Mac operating system, whereas Linux users are much more niche. Why would Microsoft bring attention to OpenOffice, especially if they don’t consider it a viable alternative? It’s been a long time since I have been in the advertising industry, but I think the adage would still hold true: When you are the top dog in the industry, never mention the competitors. For example, Coke never mentions Pepsi in its advertisements.

What conclusions can we take from this smear campaign against OpenOffice? Maybe it signifies some worry in the Microsoft camp. Unlikely, as the majority of businesses still implement the Microsoft Operating Systems as well as their Office Suite. Maybe Microsoft has realized they lost advertising war to Apple and the “I’m a Mac” campaign and need to flex their muscle. I’m not really sure what Microsoft is hoping to accomplish here, except to make more people aware that there are alternatives.

This one really makes my head spin and I’m not sure what to make of it, so readers please enlighten me, what is Microsoft trying to accomplish here? I honestly have no idea so I turn to you to make some sense out of this. Let me know in the comments below.

Tom Moccia

Tom Moccia is a native of Stamford, Connecticut and moved his family west in 2000 and now calls Stockton, California home with his wife and two...