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Meet the PlayStation Phone

by Jack McGrath | October 26, 2010October 26, 2010 9:20 pm PDT

As much of the game development for the Android platform has been underwhelming compared to that of other mobile platforms, such as iOS, Sony Ericsson has publicly announced that it is looking to redefine the entire mobile market through one of its devices. That device is supposedly the long-anticipated PlayStation Phone. Earlier this evening, it appears as if Engadget was able to snag some pictures of a prototype, which is creating quite a buzz throughout the mobile handset market.

Pictured running on an early build of Android 3.0, commonly referred to as the tasty dessert, Gingerbread, the PS Phone is most likely going to be a flagship Android device. The device is a landscape slider, though it will replace the traditional QWERTY keyboard with familiar controls in the vein of the PlayStation Go. The handset will feature the standard capacitive touchscreen buttons that have come to be associated with Android, though it will also have left and right bumpers for gaming. Previous reports indicate that the device will be part of Sony’s Xperia Line, but it will also carry PlayStation branding.halfpsphoneprototype

The PS Phone becomes particularly interesting when viewing it from a software perspective. Though it does not appear in the pictures, it will feature a skin that will most likely emulate the PlayStation experience in some way. Gingerbread ups the ante in terms of hardware requirements, and it appears as if the PS Phone will easily meet the criteria, which should lead to a better gaming environment. As of now, it has only been reported to run PSP and PSX games, though there have been talks of augmented reality in the future.

The device was slated for a late 2010 release, but considering the fact that we have seen nothing up until this point, it is very unlikely that it will be released before the holiday season. Expect this one to hit carriers next year.

Do you think that the PlayStation Phone is the best direction for the handset manufacturer to take? Is this device going to be a revolutionary hybrid of phone and fun? Let us know in the comments below.

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